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Terms & Conditions

Please review all of Quality Cabinetry Direct terms and conditions, and as always, just give us a call with any questions.

Wood Expectations

Just as no two trees are alike, no two pieces of wood are alike. How and where the tree has grown can affect the frequency of mineral deposits and knots, variations between light and dark wood, and grain patterns. This natural process results in variations in the grain and color throughout cabinetry. The grain, texture, and color of any sample can vary from another sample. Variations are more apparent when viewing larger samples, such as entire rooms of cabinetry.

When exposed to light, all woods darken or lighten, and mellow with age, the rate of that change varies by species. Wood is hydroscopic, meaning it absorbs and gives off moisture according to the humidity around it-even when a finish has been applied. Wood shrinks and swells because of moisture and this may cause hairline fractures in the finish at the joints. This shrinking and swelling is normal and does not affect the structural stability and integrity of the joint construction.


It is the responsibility of each client to provide Quality Cabinetry Direct with accurate measurements of their area(s). The client understands that Quality Cabinetry Direct is not responsible for incorrect measurements made by the client, or the contractor/installer. The client understands that all cabinetry and parts are non-refundable and non-returnable. The client is responsible to inform installer of the details of the cabinet design and ensure the every aspect of the design is completely understood. Quality Cabinetry Direct highly recommends hiring a professional installer as proper installation is typically beyond the capability of the homeowner. Installation guides are available upon request.

Designs and Ordering

Quality Cabinetry Direct will supply client with a complete set of custom design drawings for each area. It is the responsibility of the client to verify the design drawings correctly represent the area(s).

All orders submitted with Quality Cabinetry Direct are custom manufactured per the design, and as such, complete payment is required at time of order placement.

Home Delivery / Damages / Replacements / Lead Times / Warranty

The client understands that they must be present with two able bodied individuals to receive curbside delivery. The client must verify all items received matches the delivery agent’s bill of lading, if any items are missing, the client understands that they must notify Custom Cabinetry Direct immediately to determine appropriate action. The client must notify Quality Cabinetry Direct of any concealed damages within 30 days of order receipt. All requested warranty items will require email notification and pictures of the effected item(s). The typical lead time for new purchases is 6-10 weeks, and the typical lead time for reordered cabinets is 2-4 weeks and 1-2 weeks for parts that can be shipped via Fedex/UPS. The client understands that, should replacements be required, the cabinet manufacturer, nor Quality Cabinetry Direct will be responsible for any additional labor costs, or trip/delivery charges incurred. Cabinetry purchased from Quality Cabinetry Direct will follow all manufacturer cabinetry warranty periods.


The client understands that they must take delivery of the cabinetry within 2 weeks from the date the local delivery agent receives the cabinetry. If a delay is needed, the client will be charged a daily storage fee based on the total number of cabinets. These additional storage fees will be the sole responsibility of the client. If the local delivery agent does not offer storage, and the client chooses to store the cabinetry themselves, the client understands that they MUST inspect all cabinetry and notify Quality Cabinetry Direct of any issues. The cabinets must be stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment. The client understands that exposure to excessive variations in heat or humidity will cause noticeable changes to the cabinetry. The client understands that the manufacturer’s warranty will not apply if cabinetry is exposed to these conditions.


All products sold by Quality Cabinetry Direct are outsourced by the represented manufacturer. Quality Cabinetry Direct does not produce or directly ship any of the products represented through our website or showroom. Quality Cabinetry Direct does not control packaging materials nor shipping methods employed by each manufacturer.


Quality Cabinetry Direct’s privacy policy is to never share any of our clients contact information, nor divulge any information with regard to their project(s) for any reason. In the event of legal action, Lee County, Florida will be the venue for litigation. Choice of law will be Florida law. Clients who purchase from Quality Cabinetry Direct waive their right to litigate outside Lee County, Florida, or under any other state law.

Quality Cabinetry Direct reserves the right to change/amend these terms and conditions at any time.

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